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Behind the Screen

Who is InanimatePony?

  • My actual name is Simone (Acceptable nicknames: Pony, Pone, Ani)

  • I am 21 years old

  • My pronouns are She/Her (afab)

  • My birthday is September 22nd (Virgo)

  • I have Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • That in mind, I can and will yell about my interests. If you're gonna shit on me or consider me annoying for it, kindly leave.

  • My MTBI is ISFP-T

  • Sometimes I use tone indicators

  • I don't use any orientation labels because even I don't know exactly who/what I'm attracted to. (apart from redheads /j)

Header Image by me. Based on the characters Henry and June from Kablam! if they were older (aka present day)

Woman of Interest

"So like...What are you into?"
Glad you asked!

  • Stop Motion/Claymation (Mainly from Aardman)

  • Object Shows

  • Pok√©mon

  • Newgrounds Culture (Friday Night Funkin', Pico and his posse, Madness Combat, Tankmen, etc.) (I also have a mental list of my favorite fnf mods)

  • Webkinz

  • Persona (Mainly Persona 4/5)

  • Daniel Mullens's work

  • My Little Pony (I grew up on g3)

  • Kablam! (I will very much infodump this on you because it does not deserve to be as obscure as it is. Plus I aged up the main hosts and got attached to them so there's that too)

  • Nintendo IPs (Mario, Kid Icarus, Zelda, Warioware, Animal Crossing, etc)

  • South Park (borderline)

  • Flipline Studios

  • Japanese Internet Culture

  • Cookie Run

  • Bugsnax

  • Cartoon Network/Adult Swim

  • Bojack Horseman

  • Medical Professions (due to childhood aspirations)

I also have a very mixed music taste. My go-tos are 80s/90s/00s pop, alt rock (or general alt), Vocaloid, and occasionally metal and K-Indie.

Header Image is an edit of an Autism Mom-type shirt

Heads Up...

Serious things you should know:

  • My autism makes me prone to having a hair-trigger temper. People don't like me at my worst, as I have trouble containing my emotions and tend to let them get the better of me.

  • I am into dark humor, but I have my limits. (No racist/sexist/LGBTphobic/suicide jokes, those aren't cool)

  • I draw gore on occasion(such as "Goretober")/as a mean of catharticism. Said gore will not be censored, but will come with a warning/be filtered accordingly.

  • I am not personally offended by ableist jokes, but I suggest you don't make them. They're not cool.

  • I am also not personally offended by the r-slur due to largely hearing it in a humorous/lighthearded context. If you are, however, I will refrain.

  • I am not interested in any drama. (Problematic content creators, portbeggars, etc.)

  • I can also be a bit....horny sometimes. Let me know beforehand if that would make you uncomfortable and I will contain myself.


  • Songs by Green Day or My Chemical Romance

  • The Year 2016

  • Humans receiving injections (Oddly specific, I know)

  • Severe IRL Gore (mild irl [medical context] & cartoon is fine)

Do Not Interact...

  • The usual (anti-LGBT, racist/antisemitic, etc.)

  • If you know ANYTHING about my past behavior

  • If you ship/support Shuake

  • If you're more than 4 years younger than me (don't wanna be too weird) (current mutuals get a pass)

  • If you are proship/a supporter of proships

  • If you're chronically heterosexual (thinks shipping same-gender ships in children's media is sexualization while ignoring the somewhat obvious sexualization of children/romantization of disproportionate age gaps in opposite-gender relationships)

  • If you're white (/j, I'm white but some white people are icky)

  • If you think all furries are zoophiles

  • If you support Cryptocurrency in any form

  • If you're a DSMP fan/you automatically associate green and blue with DNF

  • If you think women>men (or the other way around)

  • If you're gonna shit on my/other's headcanons

  • If you shit on autistic people

  • If you are a fujoshi

  • If you are pro-life

  • If by some degree you are hellbent on Ren and Futaba being foster siblings when LITERALLY NOTHING IN GAME SAYS SO PLAY THE GODDAMN GAME FOR TITTY-FUCKING CHRIST'S SAKE-


So you've read everything there is on here. I will now let you leave.
See you soon someday!

Header Image by me. Based on the characters Henry and June from Kablam! if they were older (aka present day)